2024.05.02 #EBiDAN
AFA Indonesia 2024

EBiDAN, an artist collective that includes many popular Japanese boy groups such as BULLET TRAIN, M!LK, SUPER★DRAGON, and ONE N’ ONLY, will have a booth at “AFA Indonesia 2024” which is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia from May 3rd to the 5th. This will be EBiDAN’s first time hosting a booth at an overseas convention. The collective is gaining momentum in Japan at this very moment and is excited to spread their wings to the rest of Asia.

AFA (Anime Festival Asia) is the largest J-culture and ACG (anime, comics, and games) festival held annually across Southeast Asia. Since its inception in Singapore in 2008, it has been held in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. In 2022, the 3-day event recorded over 145,000 participants.

AFA Indonesia 2024, which will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center from May 3rd to 5th, will feature a variety of booths, live performances, and events. Among them, the EBiDAN booth will feature merchandise and CD albums by BULLET TRAIN, M!LK, SUPER★DRAGON, Sakura Shimeji, ONE N’ ONLY, GENIN WA JIBUN NI ARU., and BUDDiiS. Not only will fans have access to items difficult to obtain outside of Japan, but music videos will be shown as well.

EBiDAN is rapidly expanding its presence in the J-pop scene. BULLET TRAIN leads the way with an annual arena tour, several other groups put on headlining shows for audiences exceeding 10,000, with the addition of shows outside Asia such as ONE N’ ONLY’s South America tour. In addition to their musical endeavors, many members are also active in the acting world. Members from BULLET TRAIN, Takuya Kusakawa in “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry,” Aloha Takamatsu and Haru Kashiwagi, have taken the world by storm with their appearances in BL dramas that are popular both in Japan and abroad. Others like GENIN WA JIBUN NI ARU.’s Kazuto Mokudai in Kamen Rider Geats, M!LK’s Hayato Sano, SUPER★DRAGON’s Tsuyoshi Furukawa and Koki Tanaka, and BUDDiiS’ Shoot Mori have took part in many Japanese dramas. Don’t miss the international launch of EBiDAN, a leading name in the Japanese idol scene!

Quotes from EBiDAN Members

This is just the first step of EBiDAN’s global expansion!
I am very happy to be able to exhibit a booth on behalf of Japan.
We will be selling CDs and other merchandise and will be playing EBiDAN music videos.
Each member of EBiDAN is so unique and special! Please come and visit our booth!
One day when we get to perform at AFA, let’s have fun together!

▼Jinto Yoshida(M!LK)
I’m looking forward to seeing what overseas folks have to say about EBiDAN.
Please come by our booth!

The EBiDAN booth at AFA Indonesia 2024, will allow participants to get a good taste of EBiDAN, with the CDs and merchandise for sale, as well as the opportunity to view our music videos!
Hopefully we can perform at AFA someday.
I hope you will find your EBiDAN oshi (Japanese slang for one’s favorite member in an idol group) at AFA 2024!

▼Hyoga Takada(Sakura Shimeji)
Hello to everyone in Jakarta!
My name is Hyoga Takada from Sakura Shimeji!
EBiDAN is finally making it to the world stage! This is so exciting.
I’m hearing that our CDs and merch are being sold at the booth, along with our music videos being played!
Oh no! EBiDAN’s overflowing charms are going to reach even more people! What will I do when I become a star in Jakarta? I need to start looking for a place in Jakarta!

I am very happy that EBiDAN will have a booth at AFA Indonesia 2024, the largest Jpop culture event in Asia!
Please enjoy our music videos which will be displayed at the booth!
ONE N’ ONLY has always considered our overseas fans, with our tour in Latin America, fancalls with those from Southeast Asia, and through social media posts. We hope this is another opportunity to spread the word about EBiDAN and ONE N’ ONLY! I’m so excited about the prospect of performing live at AFA someday!

▼Ryota Nagano(GNJB.)
I am very happy to hear that EBiDAN will have a booth at AFA Indonesia 2024.
GENIN WA JIBUN NI ARU. has elements of Japanese pop culture like Anime and Vocaloid and we hope that we can deliver our unique Japanese style across borders, so we are very honored to have this opportunity.
We will do our best so that we can perform in person one day! Please enjoy our music and music videos!

Greetings to everyone in Jakarta!
I am pleased to announce that there will be an EBiDAN booth at AFA 2024!
We will be playing EBiDAN music videos at the booth!
Please take this opportunity to find your EBiDAN oshi (Japanese slang for one’s favorite member in an idol group)!
I look forward to meeting you all someday! I can’t wait!!


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